My quest. A return to the world for me and my dogs (pics)

This blog is to support my crowdfunding campaign. Check it out here.
I am raising money for my return to the world. I assure you, it’s a life worth saving.

It seems it has been in the news a lot lately. An honest homeless person does some nice thing and then a campaign is created FOR them and a zillion dollars pours in. (Zillion is a number. Million, billion, trillion, ZILLION.)

If nothing else I know it can happen. If nothing else it is nice to know that people seem to realize the amount of money it could take, to truly get someone OUT of homelessness. Contributing enough money to get them ahead. Enough to establish a foundation. A foundation that can hopefully keep them out of homelessness.

It is encouraging to see that people who have never been in a destitute situation realize that.

Yes, a ZILLION dollars would be of GREAT use to me. Maybe I can raise that kind of money, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. — I have faith. I have faith in humanity. I have faith that the world is a wonderful place and is FULL of kind and generous people. I have faith that after many years of struggling I will return to the world. I will get back to normalcy. And I will pay if forward, because I have been there, and I know what it is like.

I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to be in the news. I just want to be back in the world. A chance to have my life back. I had a regular life before. This is my quest to return there. And I could use your help.
If you can contribute you get a gift (see the campaign).
If you can’t contribute, sharing the link would help & I would be grateful.
Follow the blog and the campaign to learn more about me, or if you just want to know how it’s going.
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Thanks and Blessings.
and the dogs.

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